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Chapter contents Book contents. Author links open overlay panel. Two popular services are Geobytes and IP2Location. Each of these services utilizes proprietary databases of addresses based on Internet traffic flow and Web site registrations. The databases were designed for use by Webmasters and can be purchased as a downloadable package for that purpose. A company named Skyhook Wireless has built a geolocation database of a different kind. Their system is designed to capture the Global Positioning System GPS location of home network routers and wireless access points , which may also include residential street addresses.

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The Skyhook system is not publicly available. Thousands of wireless hotspots are available for public use around the world. Various online databases exist for finding Wi-Fi hotspots which map a hotspot's location including its street address. These systems work well for travelers seeking Internet access.

Share Pin Email. The key here is to deny whatever login server is called out in the configuration options for the chat program. Some may show you a configurable entry, while others like MSN Messenger hide it. The first method should stop the usual connection routines, and the second should stop access via a proxy HTTP or SOCKS , but what if the chat program piggybacks onto a DNS proxy which ignores access rules or you have configured filter exceptions to allow outbound traffic on some port that the chat program discovers?

This is where we, the all-powerful firewall admins, get evil and tricky. We must determine the IP subnet of the login servers, and use a series of static routes to reroute traffic to those subnets to the bit bucket.

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However, it is subject to those login servers staying on those same subnets! If the login servers are relocated to another subnet, this method will have to be updated with new addressing information. This method is also a real sledgehammer approach - you won't be able to make an exception for the admin you to get through and block everyone else. I have two methods for finding out what addresses are being used.

The first is to do a DNS lookup using some sort of nslookup program to find addresses for the login hosts like login. The second is to use a packet sniffer like Ethereal www.

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Then I analyze the requests made from my PC to see what the chat program is trying to do. Make entries for Network with the network numbers listed below, using a next hop of an IP address that is within a network directly attached to the BorderManager server. Don't use an IP address actually assigned to the server, or For instance, if you have a private IP address of If you were to put in an address such as AOL's login servers login.

AOL's web-based chat server uses toc.

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I suggest redirecting the following subnets, but this will also likely block AOL entirely, not just instant messenger I tested on Nov. By Nov. Microsoft may be adding even more in the future. I was still able to block MSN Messenger with just default filter exceptions and the Access Rule listed above, but should a new version of MSN Messenger come out that is able to slip by the proxy rules, try redirecting an entire subnet.

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