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Plug basement floor and other drains toilets, showers, washing machine, sinks with removable plugs if sewer backup is possible. Move valuables irreplaceable family photos, tax records, insurance policies and household inventories and hazardous material paint, oil and cleaning supplies to higher locations. Protecting Rural Areas If you have a septic system and the drain field is flooded or saturated, plug all basement drains and drastically reduce water use in the house.

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Move livestock, machinery, feed, grain, fuel and agricultural chemicals, and motors and portable electric equipment to higher ground. Have an inventory of your livestock and other property, and a list of any hazardous or potentially hazardous substances. Anchor lumber, logs, irrigation pipes, fuel tanks and other loose equipment or material to keep it from floating away in floodwaters.

Place riprap on the banks of earthen manure storage areas that may be subject to erosion. If you have a well that will be flooded, turn off the power to it and install a watertight cap or cover. Evacuation Assemble supplies for a possible evacuation.

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They include some water; nonperishable food; disposable plates, cups and utensils; clothing; blankets or sleeping bags; a first aid kit; prescription medication; special items for babies or the elderly; cash and credit cards; and important phone numbers. Make an evacuation plan. Know how to get there, especially if some streets or roads are flooded.


DICKEY County, ND ZIP Codes

Contact the assessor's office if you need help with paying your property taxes, applying for a homestead exemption or other tax exemption, reporting upgrades to your home, appealing your property tax assessment , or verifying your property records. If you believe that your house has been unfairly overappraised i. You will have to submit a form describing your property and sufficient proof that it is overassessed, including valuations of similar homes nearby as evidence.

If your appeal is accepted, your home assessment and property taxes will be lowered as a result.

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If you would like to appeal your property, call the Dickey County Assessor's Office at and ask for a property tax appeal form. Keep in mind that property tax appeals are generally only accepted in a month window each year. Map of North Dakota County Formations City Road Maps. External North Dakota Map Resources. Share via.

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