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Whether you can keep your engagement ring upon divorce depends on when it was acquired. Was this helpful? Is Maryland a Community Property State? What is Marital Property? What is Dissipated Marital Property? Maryland Family Law recognizes eight different grounds for divorce. Adultery, voluntary separation for at least 12 months , imprisonment with a sentence of at least three years and at least 12 months already served , and living separate and apart for at least two years , are among some of the reasons. For the court to grant a divorce based upon any of these grounds, they must be proved in court through evidence and testimony.

Find Professionals Choose a County! Easily Connect With a Lawyer or Mediator. Settle Your Divorce. Support Forum. Start Your Divorce Today Explore your options. The information contained on this page is not to be considered legal advice. Brette's Answer : Marital assets are divided as part of the divorce. If you give it away, it still is counted as a marital asset. My Dad gave me a house?

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Why was it awarded to my Mom in their divorce? Misha's Question : My father bought me a home a few years ago and then my parents got divorced.

It’s Over – But Who Keeps the Ring?

The judge granted my home to my mother in the divorce decree. Was this legal and can I challenge this judgment? I did not divorce her so why am I being punished? Brette's Answer : You need to get an attorney. The issue will be whether he did this to remove assets from the marriage, to avoid a divorce distribution.

Would a cash gift by my employer be considered marital property? Sarah's Question : I have been given cash gifts by my employer over the last 15 years and have put it in a saving account in my name and my daughters. Now my soon to be ex wants half. Is he entitled? Brette's Answer : It depends on how the money was characterized.

A cash gift from an employer sounds like a bonus which is marital property.

Divorce Property Issues - Answers to Your Questions

A true personal gift is not but this could be difficult to prove. Can his attorney legally hold my personal property in her safe?

How Is Property Divided in a Divorce in Illinois?

Tracey's Question : My husband took some of my personal property, heirloom jewelry and my wedding ring to his attorney - at her request - and she is holding my property in her safe. How on God's little green earth can this be legal?

Brette's Answer : If a spouse has reason to believe the other spouse might waste sell, dispose of marital assets it is considered reasonable to have them held for safekeeping by the attorney. The marital property will be divided in the divorce by the judge if you cannot settle. You need to get an attorney. Do I have to split the furniture I had before we married? Pauline's Question : I am in the middle of separating from my husband. I have some furniture that I had before I had met him! Do I have to split any of that with him or can I just take what is mine?

Brette's Answer : Furniture you owned prior to marriage is your separate property. Furniture acquired during your marriage is marital property and must be divided. You may be able to talk this through yourselves and agree on who gets what. Can I be reimbursed for the things we got rid of? Dawn's Question : I got rid of all my personal things when I moved in with my husband before we were married because he already had a fully furnished home.

IE; TVs, beds, dishes, everything.

YES! It's Okay to Sell Your Engagement Ring after Divorce

Now that I am divorcing him after 4 months, I have nothing and we have purchased nothing together as a couple. We didn't even have a shared bank account and I am broke. Brette's Answer : No not unless you sold them and the funds became marital funds. You should talk to an attorney about spousal support and property division. What could happen if I remove the leather I paid for before giving the table back? Jason's Question : In mediation, one of the final things was to hand over the coffee table which originally belonged to my spouse's family.

While married, I bought all of the material to recover the leather on top of the table. What is the worst that could happen, if I remove the leather I paid for before giving it back?

http://system-amz-es-supprt-csmail.dns04.com/15742-iphone-sync-manualmente.php Brette's Answer : We normally only answer questions from women, since this site is geared to women, but I thought this question deserved attention. Legally speaking, the leather you replaced is marital property - bought during marriage. Thus it belongs to both of you and is being distributed as part of your settlement. If the table has been distributed to your wife, you should hand it over in its current condition, with the new leather. Removing the leather is not only mean-spirited and petty, but will also be a violation of the court order which your settlement will become and you could be held in contempt for not fully upholding the order and you could also be cited for wasting or dissipating marital assets.

Mediation is about cooperating.

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If you didn't agree to give her the table, you shouldn't have agreed to the settlement. In short, hand the table over, get over it, and move on. Lisa's Question : I have been married 6 months. During that time I have been subjected to mental torture, verbal abuse, etc. Thankfully, nothing physical beyond cornering me and not allowing me to leave, taking MY vehicle from me, basically holding me hostage.

I finally got away, had to make a run for it He is now saying that I cannot have my things. He came into the marriage with only his computer, a backpack and a duffle of clothes. Everything else I had before the marriage. The only joint marital property is the house we recently moved into, and he can keep it. Can he force me to leave things with him, as he is saying he can? Brette's Answer : Of course not. However if he won't cooperate, you'll need to file for divorce and get an order directing him to allow you to come to get your separate property.

Lynette's Question : My husband of 88 days has moved out. WE have absolutely nothing together. He moved in with me with a duffle bag. How can I prosecute him for stealing from me, and ultimately get back my items? They are very sentimental to me as my late husband who died 2 years ago left these for my children. Brette's Answer : When you go to court, you simply tell the court he took your pre-marital property. He has no right to it and will have to return it or be in contempt of court.

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  6. How do I get my stuff back or get him to pay what it is worth? Brenna Asks : I've been separated from my husband for nearly 4 years, still waiting for the papers, but everything in his house belongs to me and my parents. I had to take off in order to save my life, obviously just taking my suitcase of clothes. Everything, all the furniture, pictures, laptop etc.

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    How do I get the stuff back or get him to pay what it is worth? How do I get my personal possessions out of the house? Brenda's Question : Everything is in my husband's name. When I left, I basically "ran" out of the house and left everything behind all the furniture, washer and dryer, etc. I do not want anything from the house except my personal belongings and my daughters "bedroom". I do not want to deal with him, but how do I get the rest of my things? Brette's Answer : If you feel it is safe, you can go back to the house when he's not there and take what you need.