Use scanner to listen to cordless phones

Only in the greater Cork Garda divisions is the analogue radio signal encrypted. The plan has been assessed and recommended by British consultants. The Cork Garda system was replaced three years ago because the old system was on the point of collapse, a spokesman for the Department of Justice said. An optional encryption feature was added to the replacement system for Cork. It is a "stop-gap" measure until the introduction of a digital network across all Garda divisions. Some scanners can monitor calls made on land-line cordless phones. By tuning in to the frequency an experienced scanner-operator near a house can use the scanner as a handset and make calls that are billed to the owner of the cordless phone.

A book listing all frequencies, including Garda frequencies and private numbers using cordless phones, is circulated among scanner enthusiasts and updated every six to eight months. Mr Liam Brady, a Dublin special investigator, sells surveillance equipment and trains people in counter-surveillance techniques. The equipment used for sweeping for listening devices is the same as that used to intercept calls. It is not illegal to use a scanner, unless the intention is to commit a crime.

Under the Larceny Act anyone having any article that can be used in a crime can be imprisoned for up to five years.

Criminals using scanners can also be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit a crime. It depends on the range of the transmitter sending out the signal. Scanners have become a standard tool for drug dealers and other criminals.

Choosing and Using Cordless Phones (Wireless)

Most serious criminal gangs will have an electronics expert to monitor the communications of security forces. They are also used as standard by haulage and courier companies which are monitoring competing firms' calls.

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The lack of security on police networks is a Europe-wide problem, as outdated technology is easily monitored. A new digital network, the Tetra system or Trans-European Trunked Radio, will replace most European analogue systems in the next decade. Ur doing her a major favor and even if she might be embarrassed, she will be happy that u r telling her so that she can change it for the future. Not all Mhz, 2. Otherwise it may be analog and picked up on a scanner. Also, even if the phone is called a Mhz, 2. The handset to base could transmit on a lower frequency, allowing a cheap scanner to pick up one side of the conversation.

The newer DECT 6. That is very interesting. Why would they differenciate between base-to-handset and the other way? She turned sheetrock white in the face and looked like her world just caved in. Amateur Radio.

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In the U. If you want to warn your neighbor, do it anonymously to avoid giving the impression that you are admitting to the violation. The cheaper cordless systems use the lower frequency for its handset-to-base usually in the s which are accessible on scanners because it is cheaper to manafacture lower frequency transmitters and they use less power. And the handsets use a battery as opposed to the base which has an ac power supply. Its a federal code violation to listen to cell calls but not cordless.

Not that it should be done anyways. People who own scanners are voyeurs of the worst kind. This incudes the macher.

Wannabees who listen n on hatzalah calls. We oftenread of such people in the news after they get arrested as peeping goms. If her phone is operating on the wrong frequency which is the only way you could be legally getting her conversations , tell her since her phone is broken and she could get in trouble for it. When I called Verizon to complain, the rep gave me a credit.

The rep put me on hold, and came back on and told me that she gave me an even bigger credit! That summer, they actually paid me to have a phone. Sign in Join.

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Cordless Phone Monitoring (from PLA Radio Episode #15)